Best Baby Monitors in USA

Not all baby monitors are created equal.

Some have so many “extra” features that they feel complicated, bulky, and definitely overpriced. Therefore, before ordering a baby monitor in the store, check out baby monitors review from the New Real Review team. To find the very best baby monitors NRR team researched and tested every type of baby monitoring product, rating more than 50 models to provide you with the information you need to choose the right monitor for your budget and your needs.

Whether it’s used while you visit to the neighbours, head to grandma and grandpa’s for the night, or across the Atlantic somewhere in Europe, you’re probably thinking that a baby monitor is more hassle than they’re worth.


If you get the right one, a baby monitor can make your life easier (and more productive). So read on!

This guide will make choosing a monitor a snap.

We scoured the internet for every possible baby monitor option out there (okay, not every option, but pretty damn close), and came up with our top picks for the best baby monitor!

But, first thing is first—here are our top picks.

Before we get into it, you might be asking yourself:

Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply here. At least not with babies lol.

So actually you kind of do need a baby monitor. But if you’re like us, you don’t like being told what you need and what you don’t. Especially by other parents.

But take it from us, a baby monitor is a great thing and we don’t leave home without it…

Most recently we used it during a one night get-away to Halcyon Resort and Hotsprings. We put the baby to bed, plugged in the monitor, and off to dinner and the hotsprings we went! All the while knowing that we could check in out our little bug at any time. Not to mention we had the peace of mind knowing that we’d receive a text message if the camera detected movement. Brilliant, right!?

Even if you’re not a huge traveller, a reliable baby monitor can help you get some daytime gardening done during those afternoon naps or some DIY home reno’s when you’re single-parenting it! #parentproductivityhacks

Rest assured, a baby monitor will give you the confidence to do it all.

So do yourself a favour and seriously consider getting a baby monitor. Plain and simple, having a baby monitor gives you peace of mind and added freedom (and that’s hard to come by for new parents).

Because nobody likes getting gouged. So, we’re here to help you figure out if the product is worth its price tag (or if it’s just a dud. Woomp).

Function and Features
We’re talkin’ viewing angle, pan and tilt ability, zoom (optical vs. digital), two-way audio (so you can prank your baby), battery life (if it comes with a rechargeable one), and effective range. Plus, we figure out if there’s anything else that makes this product special. We lay it all out on the table.

Ease of Use
How hard can it be to set up a baby monitor? Well, when you consider both hardware and software, the plot thickens. Is it versatile? Can you view the camera on other devices? Or do you have to use the proprietary monitor (and trust me, that sucks for all the obvious reasons: charging it, keeping track of it, carrying it around).

Is the internet plagued with horror stories of failed devices, warranty claims, and regret? Or simply one great review after another? We don’t want you to buy a lemon. So we did the research to spare you the trouble.

Let’s do this!

#1 Infant Optics DXR-8

The DXR-8 baby monitor from Infant optics gives you every feature you could possibly need to spy on your baby. And more that 20,000 reviews tell the whole story on this popular unit. It has it all, including remote panning and tilt, two-way communication, great night vision, room temperature sensor, and even interchangeable lens (sold separately).

The action is displayed on a slim 3.5 inch LCD color display that provides clear images in both well-lit and dark backgrounds. And it has a great battery life of 10+ hours. It gets our top mark (but if you don’t need something so flashy, check out number 2 – it’s the one we bought!).

#2 Nest Cam Security Camera

This “baby monitor” (because it’s actually marketed as a home security camera) boasts high-definition camera (1080p), two-way communication, and smartphone integration features. It’s also super compact and extremely easy to setup.

But what makes it amazing, is the software that runs it. You can access live video from your camera anywhere in the world using any wifi capable devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, or computers). This is super handy because ain’t nobody got time to find, charge, and carry the dedicated baby monitor around, let alone travel with it. Believe me when I tell you it’s so convenient to grab your phone or open a new tab on your browser to quickly check on your baby. Plus, you can even do this when travelling for work (using your own iPhone) when you start to miss your little creature.

But it gets better.

The Nest Cam software, sends “intelligent alerts and snapshots” when any activity is detected by their software. That means you can relax, and know your baby is absolutely fine until you get a text-message-like alert. This feature is great and I trust it so much that I’m comfortable gardening after my baby has gone to sleep because I know I’ll get an alert if she wakes up.

#3 iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p

Here’s another smart baby monitor that allows convenient connectivity to Apple devices or any android-powered devices. With a simple download of their free App, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or Mac into a monitor.

We admit it – we love not having to worry about charging and carrying around a dedicated baby monitor. So this option gets high marks for function! Having said that, the iBaby monitor is a bit pricey and we’d recommend going with the Nest Cam because it’s an established brand and has very positive reviews across the board.