Checklist For A Successful Mediation

  • Send a brief summary of your case to Bergman ADR Group in advance of your mediation. This can be in the form of one or two pages of bullet points, or a narrative of the case. Click here to view a sample attorney information sheet.
  • Discuss the case thoroughly between attorney and client in order to develop a general idea of what terms might be acceptable to you at mediation.
  • Try not to draw ai???lines in the sandai??? before mediation. Keep an open mind. Things may be revealed during the mediation that will change the dynamics of the case and influence your thinking.
  • Discuss the mediation process throughly between attorney and client and review the Agreement For Mediation and Rules For Mediation, which outlines the process.
  • Save your adversarial attitude for the courtroom. Remember, mediation is about negotiating a settlement, not winning a war.