I used a circular saw (I know I wrote jig saw sometimes i

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canada goose black friday sale Did you build the frame on the ground first THEN bolt it to the back of the 2×4 that is 12′ long against the wall, or did you build it in the air so to speak building off the back 2×4? First time I’m going to be building anything like this but so far your plan/idea is wonderful! Thanks, NigelHi Nigel,I built this “in the air” to make sure it fit perfectly into the corner I wasn’t sure if that was perfectly square or not. I used a circular saw (I know I wrote jig saw sometimes i have a brain fart) to make all canada goose outlet germany the cuts. I was not originally planning to canada goose jacket outlet uk do floor extensions, and was worried I would accidentally back my jeep into the corner of the bench at some point and destroy the whole thing. canada goose black friday sale

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