In 1994, I was the Force Commander of the United Nations

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buy canada goose jacket Until this issue is elevated within the security agenda, the international community will continue to squander excellent opportunities to prevent canada goose outlet orlando the recruitment of children as soldiers (Whitman, Zayed and Conradi, 2014).In 1994, I was the Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). While I have written extensively on the genocide that ensued over that period, I have not detailed the connection between my witnessing the recruitment and use of child soldiers and the build up towards the Rwanda genocide. Much like the rest of the international community, I did not make the connec tion about the recruitment and use of child soldiers as an early warning indicator for mass atrocities or canada goose outlet las vegas genocide, until I canada goose outlet canada began to look at this phenomenon through the lens of my work with the Romo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative.On 4 August 1993, the Arusha Peace Agreement was signed. buy canada goose jacket

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