She jumped out of bed, threw her coat over her long pyjama T

Oct. Pittsburgh has won each series The opener on Thursday will mark the 20th head to head playoff matchup for Crosby and Ovechkin Crosby has six goals and 13 points in the previous 19 games, while Ovechkin has checked in with five goals and eight points Ovechkin and the Capitals have made the playoffs in 10 of his 13 seasons, but they have never advanced past the second round The Capitals come in hot after reeling off four straight wins to finish off the Columbus Blue Jackets after falling behind 2 0 The Penguins have won nine consecutive playoff series, the longest streak since the Detroit Red Wings won nine straight between 1997 99 Pittsburgh forwards Evgeni Malkin (knee) and Carl Hagelin (upper body) will miss Game 1 on Thursday. Both players are important to the success of the Penguins special teams Crosby and his lineman Jake Guentzel scored six goals and 13 points apiece in their first round series against the Philadelphia Flyers..

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