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uk canada goose outlet It was half a world away, but what the General Synod of the Church of England decided one week back about investing and climate change brought a smile to the executives at Genus Capital, a Vancouver based money manager.The church, which employs managers to invest US$12 billion in assets, passed a two part motion: It will continue to engage with companies rather than prematurely disinvesting from them and assess their progress by 2023; after that it will disinvest from any companies not on track to meet the aims of the Paris makes clear that the Church must play a leading role and exercise its moral leadership on the urgent issue of climate change, the church said.You don’t need hydrocarbons for performance: behind the divestment pushInvestors lead corporations when it comes to attitudes about gender diversityTrending divestment movement could mean big opportunity for Canada’s fossil free investorsIt will get there in two ways: push for real change in the oil and gas sector through engagement with management, through using its voting rights and through filing shareholder resolutions (it says that it has been successful at Exxon Mobil, BP, and Shell); and, in time, divest, or sell, holdings in petro carbons.The church maintains its track record provides leverage and influence than we could ever hope to achieve by acting alone or by forced divestment and simply selling our holdings.Wayne Wachell is a co founder of Genus Capital, which has made fossil free investing its mantra. About half of its $1.1 billion in client assets are invested under the fossil free mandate. (Bank of Montreal offers some fossil free funds largely to retail investors.)Wachell was pleased because a church has made fighting climate change a priority (two years back the Church of England opted to sell its investments in oilsands and coal) uk canada goose outlet.