That means things are always changing

HomeTVTV NewsThe Great British Bake OffGreat British Bake Off’s Prue Leith reveals secret tribute to Mary Berry during 2017 finalThe veteran chef said producers were not too impressed with her attempts to pay tribute to her friend MaryPaul Hollywood’s wife Alex vows to ‘stay classy’ and ‘leave the muppets behind’ ahead of divorce”No one noticed till they started filming and then I was told to take it off. Obviously it wouldn’t have been appropriate.”Mary has offered her support to Prue when it was announced that Mary’s role would be taken on by her friend, and Prue confirmed the pair have been friends for a long time.She also said her co star, Paul Hollywood, has been a good friend of hers since they started working together on Bake Off.Prue continued to The Mail on Sunday : “We’ve known each other for 40 or 50 years. She’s a great friend.Great British Bake Off host Sandi Toksvig confirms she’s paid equally to co host Noel Fielding”She called me to tell me she was glad I was doing the show and that I’d done a great job, which was lovely of her.””[Paul has] become a good mate.

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