That staffer was terminated, but later hired again less than a

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best hermes belt replica hermes replica In an anonymously sourced article, MinnPost criticized how Congressman Rick Nolan hermes kelly replica handled a staffer accused of sexual harassment. In response, groups called for Swanson to address it and for her to drop Nolan.”This is not a confusing moment, the choice is very clear,” said TakeAction Minnesota’s Eliane Farhat. “Times up.”The group of about 20 stood outside the governor office, demanding answers from Swanson.Lori Swanson and Rick Nolan (credit: CBS)”Leadership means speaking up about things that matter,” said Pastor Laurie Eaton with Faith in Minnesota.For more than 24 hours, WCCO TV asked Swanson to respond to the MinnPost article that included reports of women who claimed a high level staffer in Nolan office sexually harassed them.That staffer was terminated, but later hired again less than a year later in 2016 as an independent contractor. best hermes replica

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