Yes, it good to be aware of hebel = vapour/smoke, but that

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I think When I was younger, someone told me that the BBC was basically the British version of PBS, but they funded them properly, so that why it was all so good.

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canada goose store This would lead me very much to believe that that canadian goose jacket exactly what it was. Although later, the article says, canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap The BBC cheap canada goose uk is a statutory corporation, independent from direct government canada goose black friday sale intervention, with its activities being overseen from April 2017 by the BBC Board uk canada goose outlet and regulated by Ofcom buy canada goose jacket cheap

So, basically now i unsure, but i still lean toward, “all it money comes from government collected fees, so disregarding whatever legal technicalities exist, it basically government owned.”

buy canada goose jacket Creating a discourse space consisting of two parties, one which is allowed to have an opinion, and the other which is not, Canada Goose Outlet is one of the most foul, manipulative, reason banishing tactics that anyone uk canada goose can employ. Oppressed v not oppressed. If you not the oppressed party, you don get to have an opinion. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Unfortunately, that was the acceptable discourse model about oppression among academia and progressives before the transgender movement came along, and it was inevitable that bad canada goose uk black friday faith actors would eventually take advantage of it. Those who pushed, and established, the cultural expectation that non oppressed may not have an opinion are the ones ultimately responsible for this. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Disclaimer: the canada goose uk outlet opinion expressed here is of a highly culturally privileged, straight, white, male. canada goose

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canadian goose jacket Exactly. I don feel like cheap Canada Goose he doing Canada Goose sale this because he himself buy canada goose jacket cheap is a sexist, but more that he wants his twitch money unaffected by gossip and drama. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose online That said, it enrages Canada Goose Coats On Sale me that this man has a wife and Canada Goose Online child, and can make logical connections in his canada goose clearance mind about how it would only benefit women if more streamers would address this problem. Tell buy canada goose jacket your fans they assholes and misogynists. Tell them what they doing wrong. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka Twitch is full of children and incel types and it this attitude that traps streamers into this boys club where only men can make money and women get all the abuse. Canada Goose Parka

You could extrapolate from canada goose outlet the answer to that question to get an estimate of what the actual percentage of trans sex offenders is, instead of just leaving it at Canada Goose Jackets “it probably not 50%.”

Canada Goose sale I get the impression that they wanted their findings to be a bit more trans friendly Canada Goose online and so when they didn get the answers they wanted, they stopped asking questions and started emphasising how unreliable their findings are. Look at how they wrapped up the report with a quote from a TRA reassuring us that it won be a problem if trans women move to women prisons, because the prison service will carry out risk assessments when prison governors have actually spoken out to say it a safety risk to women prisoners. You think the head of the Prison Governor Association would be a more informed and less biased source on this subject than some random dude from a dodgy charity. Canada Goose sale

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I think you getting into translation canada goose store theory here. Yes, it good to be aware of hebel = vapour/smoke, but that doesn mean it should be translated as such. Vanity (my favoured translation) describes the process of trying to grasp on to something which seems canada goose coats on sale real but you can actually grab onto it. And it just doesn work to say this smokey/vaprous life of mine.

So to say they are bad or unsatisfactory misses the point. I would agree something canada goose clearance sale like (NIV) is Canada Goose Parka overtranslating, but I would also say is undertranslating.

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canada goose clearance English doesn favor repetition of words the way hebrew does, and will often prefer a synonym where Hebrew would use the same word again. That part of why my preferred translation would be something like “It all just vapor and smoke, Everything. Vapor and smoke!” canada goose clearance

But that not ideal because it translating the same word two different ways right next to each other.

Ideally i like a translation that keeps explicit metaphors like this, when possible, but I absolutely understand how “smoke of smoke, all is smoke” is an undertranslation.

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I don know much of the discourse on it myself, but I do know that back when I read through Ecclesiastes 1, in an early Hebrew class of mine at University, I was struck at how BAD unsatisfactory almost ALL the translations are.

That word in verse 2 that gets translated as “meaningless,” “futility,” or “vanity,” in practically every translation, is the word hevel, which means vapor, or smoke.

Canada Goose Jackets It a straightforward, visceral, thought provoking metaphor, canada goose uk shop and there no need for the translator to interpret it for the reader. but look: Canada Goose Jackets.